Angela Weaver was surrounded by racing from an early age.

Her father raced in British sports car in the 70’s, and as a child, she would happily tag along to her older brother’s motorcycle races in Ohio.

Her father bought a go-kart and Angela’s younger brother began racing, she had to try it as well.

Needless to say, she fell inlove instantly and started racing as a teenager. Later as an adult, Angela moved on to racing in the Sports Car Club of America and the National Auto Sport Association.

After retiring from the driver’s seat, she still spent weekends at the track as part of a racing family. That’s when Angela felt the urge to feel behing the wheel and share it with the world.

A photography hobby was born and quickly paved the way to a professional career as people started admiring her ability to connect the camera with the car.

Angela’s extensive collection of work has been featured in industry magazines, and her protography has been utilized by tire and wheel companies like Mickey Thompson, car clubs, and private owners.


You can appreciate her talent on her website here or on her amazing IG account:

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