It all started in 2017.

Chris wanted to share pictures on Istagram without having him as a person in the foreground.
Pictures of products he likesn usually Apple products but also as the sneakerhead he is, he’d post pics of great kicks.
So while shooting a closeup of an Ultraboost and an espresso with an old oven tray as the background, the tray suddently started to slip and went crashing down over the espresso.
It was a mess!
But he posted it nevertheless…

Miraculously, one of his favorite pages @appleandcoffee featured him with this pic and the caption “F*uck Monday”.
That was when the idea was born: appleonmondays (Thank you @oldmanalan!)
So since that day he posted typically Monday-like incidents on every Monday with the intention to make people smile on this fateful day of the week.